A platform to recruit clinical trial volunteers in a socially responsible way.

TrialGig reaches an untapped patient population: Patients whose participation in clinical trials is limited by financial barriers.

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Lifting financial barriers to clinical trial participation makes a big difference.

Studies have shown that participation in clinical trials is directly correlated with patients' financial resources.

Time away from work for frequent clinical trial visits, travel to the site of the clinical trial, lodging, meals, and dependent care, represent a financial hurdle for many potential trial participants.
Populations with modest financial resources, uninsured, and minority patients, are underrepresented in clinical trials. These disparities in trial enrollment have important downstream effects, which contribute to the lack of data about the impact of certain therapies in these patients' sub-populations.  This causes persistent disparities in the care of several diseases, including cancer.
The TrialGig platform allows prospective clinical trial patients to set their own expected compensation for participating in a trial.  
Data collected by TrialGig shows that a large number of patients would agree to participate in clinical trials provided they received equitable compensation.  
Informed by customer acquisition strategies used in the consumer industry, TrialGig has run several patient recruitment campaigns in many therapeutic areas. We have generated compensation elasticity curves that predict how quickly a sponsor can recruit patients for their trials. Our data shows that for most therapeutic areas, the TrialGig method can increase the pool of trial volunteers significantly (see graph below).
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The untapped majority you’re missing.

While traditional clinical trial recruitment uses study-specific messaging that resonates with a small number of patients not deterred by the financial burden of participating in a clinical trial, we build awareness with the silent majority of the population who have never participated in clinical research.


Our technology reaches out to patients interested in clinical research but deterred by the cost of participating in a trial – using multiple social media platforms  – and we engage them with an easy online introduction.

Interested patients respond to our ads and then complete a short online health profile. The online health profile is generated by aggregating inclusion and exclusion criteria publically available on the clinicaltrials.gov website.

Patients provide the compensation they consider equitable and motivating enough to participate in a trial.

In addition, we have developed TRIALMOTIV, a tool that allows us to measure the motivation of prospective volunteers to start and remain in a clinical trial.

When you reach out to us, we call TrialGig members with compensation expectation falling within you IRB's approved compensation guidelines. We confirm the information already provided online and assess their motivation. We then pass their contact information to you as you take over the screening process and schedule the patient’s first visit. 

If the TrialGig member ends up enrolling in your trial, you commit to providing the requested compensation. 

Equitable compensation and social justice.

Despite national efforts led by the FDA, participation in clinical trials remains low for racial/ethnic minorities and other underrepresented groups such as women, low socioeconomic status populations, and older adults.  


We believe the challenges observed in trial recruitment are to a large extent caused by the absence of equitable compensation.

As stipulated in the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, private property - such as personal health data - deserves just compensation. It is time to apply this principle to clinical trials. 

A third party should not be allowed to exploit for commercial interests an individual’s health data without providing equitable compensation.


More motivated leads thanks to TRIALMOTIV.

Unparalleled results. Recruit your trial in days, not months!

We provide high-quality leads. TrialGig members are motivated and ready to go. Within days we will provide you with a list of interested patients. Your job is to contact them within 48 hours.

You will pay us a flat fee per randomized patient plus you commit to compensate the trial patients their requested compensation.  

Historically, very few prospective trial patients recruited on-line actually show up at the trial site. This low rate of conversion drives recruitment costs and processing times up. Labor-intensive intervention is then often required by site personnel to vet the leads provided by the recruiting firm.

TrialGig has developed TRIALMOTIV, a unique method that enables the identification of individuals with a high level of motivation. The prospect of compensation combined with the TRIALMOTIV method generates leads who have a high level of motivation to pull-through the clinical trial process.