Our Mission

Trialgig's mission is to cut the time it takes to recruit patients for a clinical trial from several months to just a few days.

By connecting study participants and clinical investigators, we are revolutionizing the trial participant recruitment process by making it more equitable, faster, and more personal than ever.

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Our Vision

Anyone participating in a clinical trial will be fairly compensated for their time and effort disregard the disease they suffer from, their level of income, or where they live. 

Fair compensation of clinical trial participants is a basic human right and a win for all parties involved in clinical trials:  

  • It is a win for the participating trial volunteers who receive fair compensation.

  • It is a win for society, as new drugs and new potential cures are made available faster.

  • It is a win for pharmaceutical companies sponsoring clinical trials, as they will be able to launch their new drugs faster.

  • It is a win for clinical teams running trials, as they will be able to spend more time taking care of patients and less time on volunteer recruitment.

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