Our Mission

BioBidz mission is to secure the highest possible compensation for healthy adults who accept to participate in clinical trials. 



We believe passionately that compensating clinical trial participants fairly is a win for everyone involved:

  • It is a win for the participating trial patients who receive fair compensation for participating in a clinical trial.

  • It is a win for the pharmaceutical company sponsoring the clinical trial as it will be able to launch its new drug faster as more patients accept to participate in their trials.

  • It is a win for society, as new drugs and new potential cures are made available faster.

Our Philosophy

Recognizing Value

Pharmaceutical companies are businesses that make a lot of profit selling new drugs.  If it was not for people who volunteer to participate in trials, no new drugs and no profit would ever be made. These volunteers should be recognized for the immense value they help create.


People who participate in clinical trials are real heroes. They spend time and take risks participating in these clinical trials. It is only normal that they get fairly compensated  for their time and willingness to take risks.

Greater Good

Fair compensation benefits patients but also encourages more people to participate in clinical trials and therefore benefits the greater good of society.