Get paid for participating in a clinical trial.

Set your minimum compensation and let pharmaceutical companies make you competitive offers.

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How it works.

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Tell us about yourself.
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Name your price.
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Review offers.
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Join the trial.
Provide personal information, including the disease you suffer from. 
Name your desired compensation for participating in a clinical trial.
Review trial-offers from pharmaceutical companies. Decide if you want to learn more about these trials. 
If you are interested in an offer and meet the trial participation conditions, meet for a screening visit. If the trial is right for you, join the trial, get paid and help science.

What compensation should I ask?

If you decide to participate in a clinical trial, you will need to travel to a clinic for regular check-ups. A typical check-up takes about 2-4 hours. 
Your compensation needs to cover your time, lost wages, and the risk and inconvenience associated with the clinical trial.   
TrialGig members on average ask for $ 200 - $ 300 compensation per trial visit. You should ask for the amount you feel good about and you consider fair.
Expenses related to your travel to the clinic (gas, tolls, parking fees...) will be reimbursed in addition to your requested compensation amount.

You deserve to be paid!

In most areas of life, people find paying for goods and services unproblematic.
Clinical trial participants provide data and services that are in short supply and of great value to Pharmaceutical Companies and Society.
While it is perfectly legal to compensate clinical trial participants, the practice is still uncommon.
Let's change this!
Our goal is to help trial participants secure the highest possible compensation for their participation in research.

Become a hero. 


Every medicine available today, whether for headaches, heart attacks, or cancer, was developed thanks to the people participating in clinical trials.


Become a medical hero by taking part in a clinical trial to help determine if a new drug is safe and effective. 


You will help find better ways to prevent and treat diseases that help people live healthier longer lives.

Let us help you get the payments you deserve.  


It's about fairness and justice.

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At TrialGig we believe that patients own any medical data they generate when participating in a clinical trial. Trial participants should receive fair market compensation for the use of their data.

The Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits taking private property without just compensation. It is time to apply this principle to clinical trials. 

A third party should not be allowed to exploit for commercial interests an individual’s health data without providing just compensation.

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